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A lot of controversy surrounds this area. It was originally thought that this was the site of a murder, however some say the actual site was another nearby farm, in a much more ruinous state.

A man named James Killey is thought to have lived here (or the nearby ruin) with his wife and five daughters. In 1868 James began acting very strange, falling into a dark depression. In April of that year, James arrived home from working at a nearby mine, upon arriving home he was in a terrible rage, he seized four of his young daughters and threw them down the shaft of his farms well, he then tried to do the same to his wife who was also carrying his youngest daughter, just three months old. He tore the baby from her mother and threw her down the well. His wife broke free and ran for help, when she arrived back with help, James had thrown himself down the well shaft with his daughters.
Then started the recovery of the bodies, and amazingly two of the young girls were alive and survived. The three other girls and James were all dead.

The site was featured on a ghost hunting tv show.