Zenfolio | Forgotten Isle | Peel Clay Pit

The clay pit lies desolate, now difficult to get to, there is no longer a bridge to cross the river, you either wade through the waters and climb the river bank or risk crossing on a narrow metal rod that crosses the river.

Originally clay was dug and shoveled into tubs at the bottom of the pit by hand, and then drawn up the steep sides by a steam engine housed in a brick shed. The materials were then carried by horse drawn wagons to the brickworks.
Today there is little left to show for the works that went on here, the engine house has gone and the clay pit is now filled with water higher than the river level, forming what appears to those who know no differently, to be a lake.

Local rumors say that the lake is haunted by a child that drowned there, though there appears to be no concrete evidence of this happening. Though I remember as a child, school children being scared to swim there due to this tale.